C. Sarah Potter

She didn’t care what they said about the cold or snow. To her, it was paradise. After four years in the desert fighting a damned war that never should have been fought to begin with, she was home.

H – O – M- E!

She was home, and that was all that mattered, right?

She looked down to the pile of blankets that covered her new stump. She wouldn’t be hitting the slopes this winter, or the tobog that she loved. It didn’t matter. She was home…

And it was snowing…

Cold, wet, blustery…

And she loved every damned flake!

WC: 98

Author late addition: The one to whom this story is based is a Proud hero. They have displayed courage beyond courage and bravery beyond that. They are now not only walking on a new prosthetic, but also running, swimming, and yes – Ski-ing! 🙂 Thank you all for your lovely comments of which I am sharing with them as I type this. They are smiling, giggling, and sharing their own thanks for you liking their story.


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“God, forgive us.” (Kami wa yurushita mō.)~ what pegman saw…


Yokoamichi Park, Tokyo, Japan. The clumps of metal were once things like cars, trucks, etc.

Sitting on her Grandpa’s lap, she stared at the pictures in his scrapbook of the war. It didn’t make sense to her why people would kill people that way, or any way, really. Still, she sat and listened to him tell her the story of how they flew over Tokyo and dropped bombs that caused great fires. The fires were so hot they melted cars, and people. It was beyond her six year old mind to comprehend.

I felt moisture on my cheek and looked up. My Grandpa, my hero, was crying. I cuddled as close as I could get.

‘We did what we had to do, but God forgive us.’ He choked out.


Charred body of woman carrying child on back. March 10, 1945

神は許したもう。(Kami wa yurushita mō.)


Over 85,000 Japanese Civilians were killed as “collateral damage” during WWII. Photo: 10 March 1945 of civilians killed by fire bombs.

Wc: 114

Author’s Note:

I dedicate this weeks’ story to the people of Japan. May you know that some of us have not forgotten your people or the horrors of that long ago war. May you know that my Grandpa regretted his actions in war everyday of his life.

Although I’ve borrowed pictures from modern archives for this entry to “What Pegman Saw”, the story itself is based on actual experience. My Grandpa fought in world war II as did many of my family members. They didn’t speak often of that time, save on Memorial Day, when Grandpa, or one of the uncles, would bring out their scrapbooks/journals and share about the horrors of war. They kept these memories alive for us who had never known war so that we would remember and not be as likely to take our freedom for granted, or to go into the service and war blindly. History, in our house wasn’t just told, it was lived!


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Screw on Straight ~ FF


‘I told you, you didn’t have your head screwed on straight to begin with.’ He sighed, shaking his head. ‘What you were thinking, thinking you could do that?’

She hung her head. ‘I just wanted to make it easier for my readers, that’s all.’

‘Yeah, well, now, you’ll just have to retype everything.’ He sat back to watch the little green progress line. ‘Time to completion… 38 hours. Hope you’re happy, now.’

Tears welled up in her eyes.

He tilted her chin to look in her eyes. ‘You did have a backup, didn’t you?

The tears began to fall.



“The Chair”


‘It’s a chair.’ He said.

‘Yep, that it is.’ She agreed.

‘Why?’ He asked.

‘Why not?’ She smiled back.

Sigh. ‘You’re not making any sense here, Love.’

‘I just want to get my feet wet, that’s all.’ She explained.

He looked down at her in his arms. The stumps of her knees kicked into the air with excitement. How could he refuse.

‘Okay, Love, here you go.’ He swung her into the chair as he shook his head.

She kicked her stumps and laughed with unbridled joy as he splashed water onto her invisible feet.

WC: 95

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