“The Chair”


‘It’s a chair.’ He said.

‘Yep, that it is.’ She agreed.

‘Why?’ He asked.

‘Why not?’ She smiled back.

Sigh. ‘You’re not making any sense here, Love.’

‘I just want to get my feet wet, that’s all.’ She explained.

He looked down at her in his arms. The stumps of her knees kicked into the air with excitement. How could he refuse.

‘Okay, Love, here you go.’ He swung her into the chair as he shook his head.

She kicked her stumps and laughed with unbridled joy as he splashed water onto her invisible feet.

WC: 95

This has been joyfully written for Friday Fictioneers, a group of crazy writers who, along with our hostess Rochelle Wisoff-Fields gather weekly to write 100 word stories to inspire and amuse, even scare the daylights out of each other. If you’ve enjoyed this little write, why not come out and read more, or better yet, submit your own story. All you need to do is follow this link, then click on the blue frog… https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2017/02/08/10-february-2017/comment-page-1/#comment-38057


59 thoughts on ““The Chair”

    1. Oddly, my hubs and I have had such conversations. Especially when I put something odd in the middle of the floor or table to draw or photog. He just shakes his head and sighs out a “life with an artist”.

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    1. I often experience what is known as phantom pain. So, I was thinking, why not ‘phantom’ joy. I don’t feel so bad about the fall now that I saw our upstairs neighbor come home from hospital last night. She was hit by a car last week. Fractured skull, spine, leg, and most of her ribs. Personally, I think the hospital should have kept her. She had to crawl up three flights of steps last night. Having been there myself, I sooo understand.


    1. I don’t see the ‘tragic’, wait, I do. I have a friend who lost both legs in the war. He likes to take his wheel chair down to the water, close his eyes, and remember what it was like to splash his feet. We were talking about it last week. Inspired this write for him.

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