Screw on Straight ~ FF


‘I told you, you didn’t have your head screwed on straight to begin with.’ He sighed, shaking his head. ‘What you were thinking, thinking you could do that?’

She hung her head. ‘I just wanted to make it easier for my readers, that’s all.’

‘Yeah, well, now, you’ll just have to retype everything.’ He sat back to watch the little green progress line. ‘Time to completion… 38 hours. Hope you’re happy, now.’

Tears welled up in her eyes.

He tilted her chin to look in her eyes. ‘You did have a backup, didn’t you?

The tears began to fall.




37 thoughts on “Screw on Straight ~ FF

      1. When I’m writing in Windows, I typically use notepad which is a pretty basic text editor. When I’m on a Mac, I use an HTML editor such as TextWrangler. I write stories in HTML rather than plain text because as I compose, I can add links, blockquote tags and such. Then I just open my WordPress admin and set it to text rather than WYSIWYG and all of the web related work is already done.


      2. I usually use Libre Office – Writer. It’s a free, linux based program that mimics microsoft office. Unfortunately, this week I’m working on a borrowed laptop while mine dries out (fell off my lap and into the river last week).


      3. Yikes! It’s amazing your computer survived. I need to use Microsoft Office, both at my day job and when writing (text) books, because the publishing industry uses Microsoft products.

        I don’t like using word processors when composing for blogs because it adds so much code in behind the scenes and messes up the HTML.


      4. That’s why I like libreWriter. No code build up to have to erase when bringing into my blog here. I have MS on the house desktop because I need to use photoshop and a speech recognition program for writing longer pieces (also good to help learning to speak again).


  1. I use Apple products. Never had a problem, although, like James, I write on some other platform (Pages since there is a word count on it) and transfer.

    Solid story and solid ending line! 😀


    1. I like that LibreWriter gives me not only a word count, but also a character count. Sometimes, especially in the poetry market, they judge a piece based on characters. I wish I could afford Apple products, especially the graphic arts products.


  2. I feel your pain, I’ve had my son, when he was a toddler delete everything in the short time it took me to go to the toilet. He wasn’t old enough to know how to use a computer but he pressed the wrong/right key that day. (And I had no back-up)

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    1. Oh, that’s bad. I once formatted the entire network’s hard drive at college back in the day, while trying to format a simple 5.5 floppy. All because of one mistyped letter in DOS.


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