Three Roads Converge…


Kampala, Uganda, Africa google map image for What Pegman Saw.


We’d walked this road for hours, jungle a handsbreath away. Axle breaking ruts filled with muddy water. Our situation was grim. We’d lost our packs two days ago. Ambushed. We were lucky to be alive… but we wouldn’t be much longer if we didn’t find drinkable water soon. Imagine dehydrating to death in the middle of a bloody rainforest!

‘Don’t think about it.’ Stephen said as he reached out to touch my shoulder.

I rolled my eyes. How did he know? How did he always know where my mind was going.

‘We found the road. There wouldn’t be roads without people. The jungle would take over too quickly.’ He paused, wiping his brow as the jungle broke into a clearing where three roads converged. ‘See, signs of civilization… literally.’

I looked at the little signs, bursting into tears as I realized what they were.


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Thank you once again goes to What Pegman Saw for taking us to the beautiful continent of Africa and giving us a glimpse of the land of Uganda and it’s people. If you’ve enjoyed this little story, morbid though it is, then please, come out and enjoy some others at: . Just follow the prompt tag to the little blue frog… your adventure awaits.