Ash Wednesday to Remember…

We were awoken early by Maryjane (0450) who just wouldn’t be calmed down. Knowing we were expecting to have pretty serious storms I got up and went to turn tv on. The radar looked bad. I made a cup of coffee and sat down with her to give her lap time. Over the next hour they kept upgrading the severity and adding in several points of radar indicated rotations along the squall line.

At 0600 I got Hubs up, told him he could brush his teeth at McD’s a mile from where he worked. We needed to get on the road and the ground within walking distance to work BEFORE the storm. I’ve never done this (except in winter) before. So, by 0615, I had him out the door and on the road. I should add he really hates his routine screwed up.

By 0630, we were sitting in McD’s. We ordered breakfast and watched the radar on the tv. Then, quite succinctly, all hell broke loose. The windows started to bow, I moved him away from them. The winds pushed in the doors and rain blanketed the entryways and into the dining room. Then, the hail slammed about. Ten minutes later, it was passed. Ten minutes after that, they actually sounded the tornado sirens. Entirely too too late! the storm and tornado warning was expired BEFORE they set off the sirens. So, what are those monthly tests for if you can’t sound the alarm when its needed. I mean, after all, the news and the Nat. Weather Srvc were warning people 24 hours in advance that this storm was going to produce tornados and wind shears. grrrr…..

Got Hubs to work, went home to check on Maryjane and Tiki… and to make sure we did indeed still have a home with windows intact. Took me an hour and a half to make a normally 7 min commute. Many road closures due to storm damage. After arriving home, finding everything okay, except the lack of power. I grabbed my camera and went back out.

Took over a hundred pics. Here are some that impressed even me.


The Bell and the Wreath especially impressed me as not less than 6 ft away from them was major destruction. Across the street from the bell at one church sat another church (the source of the downed steeple). The wreath was at the edge of the road just feet away from the picture of the house covered by several fallen trees and debri from other homes. To think that the power of the storm set down this wreath with glass balls so delicately (yes, I checked and the balls were glass.) just astounds me. Both of the trees were ones outside my church, both near to a hundred if not more years old. We just decorated the pine for Christmas with edibles for the birds.



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