Rebirth… (What Pegman Saw)


Amazon River, google maps image.

She looked out the window of the small sea plane to the river beyond. So much water. She wasn’t quite sure she was on a river at all. Maybe it was just a large, dream-lake, and she could force herself to wake up from the nightmare.

Then, the large canoe floated beneath her window and stopped. She felt the plane rock a little as the Aboriginal in the front of the canoe grabbed onto the leg of the plane.

‘My God!’ Her mind screamed. ‘Were they going to to try to hold the plane back? Couldn’t this nightmare get any worse?’ She reached over and touched the canvas sack on the floor beside her. In the heat, it reeked and the smell caused her stomach to roll. It was a sickly sweet smell. The smell of death too long unburied.

The plane’s door opened…

A baby’s cry filled the cabin.


3 thoughts on “Rebirth… (What Pegman Saw)

    1. Not sure what lies in store for her. Questioning myself about the sound of a crying babe… no idea where that line came from. Probably a child on the other end of the restaurant.


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