The Calm…


C. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Dead silent it was, walking out to the car and leaving for work. Driving through a light rain with the knowledge of what was coming hanging heavier than the clouds. Radio playing some pop song from the ’80’s. Nerves wound tight.

Fast food breakfast. Still dark as a cave outside. Hail slamming against the glass windows, wind and rain blowing in the double set of doors. Sounds of crashes. Power jumping a growling roar to silence and back again. Like a war movie bombardment.

Fifteen minutes of pre-dawn hell.

Then calm.

The sun glitters behind powder puff clouds.

Then the warnings to take cover sound… after the storm!


wc: 109, forgive me 9 over, had to put in the last sentence since the sirens could have prevented so many injuries if sounded early. It’s not like they didn’t have a full 24 hours warning the storms were going to be bad. The National Weather Service declared that we were hit by straight line winds – Wind Shear. The damages though, are just as devastating as the five tornadoes that hit not 50 miles north of us in the Ohio valley.

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26 thoughts on “The Calm…

  1. 9 words… please, You shall not be chastised! 😉
    I found myself getting shorter of breath, so worried about the driver. Should she have stayed home?
    – Now, the fact this is based on truth is even scarier!

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    1. Dale, we left for work an hour earlier than usual because I saw the storm on tv radar and wanted to get hubs to work before it hit. We stopped at McD’s. We were there when storm hit. The power went on/off several times before backup gens kicked in. The whole bloody storm was only about 15 min. The windows were bowing in to the point I thought for sure they’d shatter. But, it’s wasn’t as scary as some of the storms I’ve been through. This one was kinda fun…until I dropped hubs at work and tried to get back to town. Trees, power lines down, roofs everywhere. Even flipped semis. the 7 min commute turned into 1.5 hours with detours everywhere. Took over 20K photos.

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  2. Dear Jelli,

    To quote Mr. Ayr, “Scary Biscuits!” Love the last line. timing is everything. 😉

    A couple of years ago I was caught in a storm In my car. Everyone on the highway pulled over to the side. I was sure the hail was going to break through my windshield or roof. Still have the dents as a souvenir.

    Good one.



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    1. I still have dents and chipped paint from the tornado two years ago, too. These storms happened on the anniversary of the Piner/Crittenden tornado. Probably , if I had the sense that God endowed me with, I should have been scared.


  3. Dear Jelly,

    I felt every rumble of thunder and the lightning cracked like aluminum foil being torn to shreds. Now, you have me dreading what comes next. The tension set up the suspense well. Good job.

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