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The old tenement seemed to shout “Stay Away!”

I didn’t. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t.

This was my inheritance. This was my home.

I wanted to cry.

I remembered the grand days of youth. Days filled with laughter and the joys of playing stick-ball in the street. Days of making stick-houses on the ground and playing house with the other neighbors. Hot, sweaty evenings sitting on rusted chairs in the yard. Oh, those were the grand times.

Now, the years of neglect had taken it’s toll. The windows were now broken and missing. Though not from a stray ball. The front door was boarded over to keep out the ragamuffins and drug infested gangbangers. No, it was definitely not the dream house that my parents believed it to be anymore. I wondered, would I even be able to save any of it. Or, like with the vacant lot beside it, would it to fall to the wrecking ball.

WC: 157


This short story is written for “What Pegman Saw” and awesome weekly challenge that transports us to different locations all over the globe via Google Maps. This week, we visit St. Louis, Missouri, USA. If you enjoyed this story and would like to read more, or join in the fun, then join us out at:  and follow our Blue froggy friend.



11 thoughts on “Inheritance?

    1. Indeed it is, Sandra. Last time I went to my hometown, the buildings were the same, but that was it. The whole atmosphere was gone replaced with something less than desirable.


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