Tiki at the Wheel…


The blur is Tiki-tiki enjoying her new wheel. She was chewing the bars of her cage, pacing, wringing her little paws, biting, and such. I was concerned so I did some research into hamster behavior, and emailed a local small animal vet. The conclusion: her cage was too small. So, last night, I got her a large cage with more levels and such for play. She instantly found the wheel and stayed there ALL NIGHT! She’s a happy little hammie!
Of course, sometimes she just tuckers out. At which time she just lays down in the wheel until she catches her breath. Then, it’s off to the races again.
And, none of this escapes Maryjane’s attention. She watches Tiki-tiki for hours at a time. I can only imagine the evil plans she’s formulating in that feline brain of hers…

5 thoughts on “Tiki at the Wheel…

  1. Since Tiki-tiki came into our house 11 days ago, I’ve laughed more than I have in the last 8 years. Belly rolling, tear forming, snot producing laughter. Laughed so hard I nearly broke a rib last night when she whipped her self upside down in the wheel. 🙂


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