The Atomic Clock


C. Jennifer Pendergast

The rusted hulk was transported all the way from Terra Firma, decontaminated, and then mounted here. Humans still came and flocked around it, their children listening to the old stories.

‘We destroyed our world… This is the only thing that can save it.’ Mother explained.

‘But – but… It’s all rusted and doesn’t work. How can it save anything?’

‘It is a reminder to all of us who are left. Time heals all wounds, and only time will heal our world. Until then, we must live here, in this sphere and watch our world spin below.’ Mother choked on a tear.



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36 thoughts on “The Atomic Clock

      1. Actually, I know there’s a new photo prompt when I see Iain post his story. I usually read only his before writing my own, then go read what everyone else has written.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Could be, could be. I’m wondering if anyone saw ‘real’ people in the clock… the elderly, for example. How they are forgotten, yet their stories remain behind to teach a new generation… something like that.


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