“What we do to the least of these…”


From photo left on table after Lenten Bible Study.

So, we’re doing a Lenten Study. It involves a discussion of some world issues, and focuses on the people in our society who have been lost, abused, neglected, forgotten and reminds us that what we do, or don’t do, for the least of these does not escape God’s notice. The discussion has, at times, become quite heated and at others tearful and brutally honest. After the first week, some photos were left on the table, I asked, the leader said “Have at…take all you want” so, I did. The faces touched my heart, their stories even more so.

So, one of the pics was of this little Chinese girl. We talked about the infanticide that happens in that country. We also talked about Thailand and Africa with it’s sex tourism/ human trafficking issue. We discussed “White Slavery” (mostly women forced into prostitution) throughout the world. As a result, and as a future memory aid to the discussion, I felt a strong desire to enter this little girl into my sketchbook.

For the original photographer (no idea who you are), I thank you for capturing such a beautiful little angel for us. I mean no infringement whatsoever (though I’ve been rather cruelly flamed and lamblasted by fellow artists for this piece). If you see this, let me know so I can give you proper credit. With much respect intended. It’s not often that a photo touches me this deeply.

P.S. On a personal note, as far as art is concerned… I  haven’t drawn this well in decades (since the 1996 car accident and resulting head injury). There are many who have followed and encouraged me to take my art seriously and to take the time to do it from my heart. This piece, I will ever and always keep as a reminder of their hope in me that I could regain those lost skills. Hubby says I should frame it and hang it over my desk to remind me of what I CAN do.


5 thoughts on ““What we do to the least of these…”

  1. Dear Jelli,

    I’m with Hubby. You’ve captured the child’s innocence. I can imagine why fellow artists might criticize you for it. This fellow artist certainly doesn’t. ❤ I'm happy to see you pursuing your art, writing and exploring the wonderful woman that I see. Not everyone can do what you CAN.



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  2. What a beautiful rendition of the photograph in which I do not need to see. Yes, you should definitely continue your artwork because the gift obviously has not departed from your grasp. I can see why the little girl touched you so.

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