Sibling’s Dance


C. Dale Rogerson


“Sibling’s Dance”.

The mere thought twisted my stomach. Nothing spelled ‘orphan’ like special events did. First, Mother’s Day Brunch. Great, if you could get her sober enough to come, if she’d come at all. Then, Father’s day. Oh, I hated the Father Daughter banquets. With nothing but a dead father, no use in attending. And now, this…a Sibling’s Dance. Only had half-brothers, one killed in Vietnam and the other strung out on drugs somewhere.

‘You going?’ Garylee asked.


‘I could adopt you for the night.’ He offered.

I headed down the hall. I wouldn’t be anyone’s ‘charity date’.

WC: 99



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21 thoughts on “Sibling’s Dance

      1. A unique label for it. 🙂
        A friend told me that in their church on Father’s Say one year, the men were asked to wear a white boutonniere if their father was dead and a yellow on if he was living. One young man was in a dilemma since his father had taken off when he was a toddler and he had no idea if the man was dead or alive. Situations a lot of us never think about.

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  1. I always feel uneasy with Mother’s Day at church. It can get so sentimental and I feel for those people who don’t have mothers, can’t be mothers, never knew their mother, or had a bad relationship with her. Same goes for Father’s Day, although we don’t do anything at church for that, but it’s still out there as a celebration that often requires people to pin smiles on their faces when they have aching hearts, or anger, or whatever to deal with. There is always somebody who is made to feel the odd one out.
    Your story is very sad, but well written D:

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