A hearty thank you to Rochelle Wisoff for once again giving us a wealth of inspiration from which to write. A thank you also to Liz Young for her awesome photo! There were so many stories that came to mind. But the final choice is perhaps the shortest piece I’ve ever written; only 18 words… but this week, this day, this hour, they say it all…

Liz Young

C. Liz Young

‘Oh, this is the perfect spot.’ She giggled. ‘I just want to sit here forever!’

She was five.


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47 thoughts on “Forever…

    1. As I was saying to Bjorn. I can just picture a little girl dressed in sunday-best, spinning around in a sunbeam, complete innocence as to where she is. I’ve seen it many times at funerals. Little ones who don’t quite comprehend death, yet. Sad to watch them, but yet they bring about a sense of hope for the future.


      1. Some children in abusive homes don’t realize that what they’re experiencing is abuse, because for them, it’s ‘normal’. That’s why it’s so hard to detect and then you add the fear that children have of speaking out. I know that in my own youth, I spoke out once. after Soc.Svc’s did home visit and all the hell that goes with that, mom beat me to a living pulp and said she would kill me if I ever said anything again. I didn’t, I was more afraid of her than anyone else in the world. She was vicious, especially when she drank hard liquer.


      2. That’s tough. Where we lived in the north, the children were at school with the kids from an abusive family. The eldest had spent his first six years in care because his mother rejected him and when she decided to take him back, she made life hell for him. But he never complained. She was a drinker too.

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  1. I read that completely differently. A little girl, her favourite place, died at 5, and was allowed to sit there forever. With a thoughtful chair placed so that others could go and sit with her.
    Lovely, whichever way you read it.

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