Chicago Magic…



Shedd Acquarium, Chicago, Ill. via What Pegman Saw on Googlemaps.

wc: 146

Christmastime in Chicago. It’s magical. I looked up and up again.

‘Doing that proves you’re a tourist, Lassie.’ Ian chuckled as he offered his arm. ‘Shall we, Mi’lady?’

Moments later, we walked into the main hall coming face to face with the Caribbean Reef. It was beautiful. I stopped, froze in place, and gaped…

‘Yep, definitely a tourist.’ Ian kissed the top of my head.

‘It’s so much better in person.’ I mumbled as we stepped closer. Then, I saw our reflection in. I blinked. Behind us, not twenty feet away… It couldn’t be… No way in hell…

‘Ie -an.’ I whispered long. ‘Do you see what I see?’

‘Aye, Lassie, I do.’ He winked.

‘It can’t be…he… he’s dead.’

‘There shall be rumors, and rumors…’ Ian pulled me to his chest, his lips close to my ear. ‘Now, you know the truth, no more tears, eh.’


This week, What Pegman Saw, takes us to the grand City of Chicago. A city that is steeped in magical happenings around Christmas. I know because I’ve been blessed to have experienced that magic on more than one occasion. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little mysterious scene and if you do, then please, come out and join the fray at: . Once you get there, enter the door marked “Pegman Prompts” and follow the blue frog (preferably sober). Hehe…


Shedd Acquarium, Chicago, Ill. compliments of What Peman Saw via Googlemaps.


4 thoughts on “Chicago Magic…

    1. I envision that she dearly loved the person she saw in the reflection. I remember the Shedd and how things reflected in this particular aquarium. I remember seeing the face of my dear Ian in the glass, and the love in his eyes. It’s been a decade, but I still miss him soo very much.

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