Bishopdale lane England.PNG

Shiela looked out the window and saw it. She frowned, squinted to see it better. Was that a tree stump? How… it wasn’t there yesterday morning. No, it couldn’t be… then, it moved…

The coffee mug fell out of her hand, bounced painfully off her foot and shattered on the floor. A scream caught in her throat. That was most definitely not a stump… that was a man… dressed in camouflage. He had a rifle… a sniper’s rifle.

She looked down.

A red dot on her chest just above the lace of her nightgown.

She gulped.

Then, she sighed.

It was about time, she thought. After all these months, it was about time they found her. She accepted her fate, reached up and opened the window to give him a clear shot. At least, it would end the nightmares of what she’d seen…


wc: 148

If you’ve enjoyed this little story, maybe it scared you to death… hehe!… why don’t you come out and join us at “What Pegman Saw” and throw your own story into the fray… Here’s the link to the prompt, and y’all know how to follow the froggy into adventure!





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