The Return…

Charles Day Palmer

C. Charles Day Palmer, Germany 1940’s.

The war was over and the face of society was changed in ways beyond imagining. The once grand cities of the Empire were now mere piles of twisted steel and concrete. Even the very infrastructure of society had much less cohesion than the rubble of the buildings. Still, it was a new day, and a new day meant a new lease on life.

In time, perhaps even centuries, the cities would once again return to their previous glory. Until that time, life would be hard. Dead hard. It was as simple as that.

‘We can rebuild, I’m sure of it.’ Reni spoke with a surety that he didn’t quite feel.

‘We can, but should we?’ Taki asked.

‘How can we not? Reni countered. ‘There will still be children needing to be educated. And now, even more children who have no home to return to will need a place to live. We can provide them both.’

‘There is not a single foundation stone left intact. How do you propose we can offer the children anything?’ She sighed from the depths of her soul.

‘The same way that everyone else is… by rebuilding. Besides, starting from scratch has its advantages. You’ve got to admit that much.’ He began to mention a few points until she called a halt.

‘The prospect is daunting, but realistic. First, though, we’ve got to clear this rubble.’ She picked up a small piece of concrete that had a few flecks of paint on it. Looking closer, she saw one of the points of the grand starburst that had been their school’s symbol. ‘It all begins with this…’



2 thoughts on “The Return…

  1. Dear Jelli,

    Seven pointed star? Could you mean six-pointed as in Star of David? Although I Googled seven pointed star and see that’s a sign used in Christianity. So I’m doubly curious. Good story either way.



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