C. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.


‘This… a fatality? Not enough damage.’ The coroner mumbled as he was led across the intersection to the damaged car. ‘A simple fender bender, doesn’t equate.’

‘Sorry, Sir.’ The Deputy shook his head. ‘Can’t explain it myself, but the driver’s dead all the same.’

‘Let me get a look see… Ah, here it is…’ The coroner checked over the body, lifting the bloody wrist and revealing the medic id bracelet. Turning it over, he read the one word. ‘Hemophiliac. Poor man didn’t have a chance…’

wc: 85

Author’s Note: Written in memory of a local high school teacher from my home town who died in a simple little bumper crunch years ago. He was a fine gentleman and an excellent teacher. His influence is greatly missed.


If you would like to join the 100 word weekly writing craze known as Friday Fictioneers, please join us out at the blog of our lovely hostess, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Thank you, Rochelle for such an inspirational photo this week. We love to see you stop by, and maybe even share a story with us.  You can find us all at: https://rochellewisoff.com/?wref=bif


25 thoughts on “Harold…

  1. That is such a tragic story, made more so by it being a true one. I once knew someone with Hemophilia. It was so hard for his wife to achieve a balance between being over-protective of him and allowing him to take risks. He did manage to survive into his late 60’s, so he did quite well.

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