Amid the Rubble…


(Photo courtesy of google images)


As Sheata crossed the debris strewn lawn, her cloak snagging. She reached down to unsnag her hem, and saw something sparkle. She reached and instantly, darkness threatened to pull her down. In that moment, she felt a strong arm around her middle and squinted to make out her ‘rescuer’.

‘Reni, Ma’am, remember?’ He frowned.

‘Yes. I couldn’t see you for the sun.’ Sheata gestured.‘Awfully bright today. ‘I just saw…’ Sheata looked back down. ‘Must be under your foot, yes… Ah, there it is. See?’

‘Yes, Ma’am.’ Reni reached down to pick up the object in question. It didn’t budge. ‘Just let me…grunt…’ He dislodged the object. ‘Here, Ma’am.’

Emotions squeezed at her throat as he placed the old jewelry box in her hand. Could it be possible, amid all this destruction to find…? She fumbled with the clasp, doubting it still held the necklace, gasping as she saw the jeweled starburst against the aged velvet.

Wc: 155.


Thank you once again goes to What Pegman Saw for taking us to the beautiful country of France and giving us a glimpse of Cirque de Navacelles, France. If you’ve enjoyed this little story, then please, come out and enjoy some others at: . Just follow the prompt tag to the little blue frog… your adventure awaits.


12 thoughts on “Amid the Rubble…

  1. Oooh. And what does that necklace mean to her?
    (P.S. if you reworked those opening sentences you might be able to cut out a few words ~ Sheata crossed the debris strewn lawn, her cloak snagging. She reached down to release the hem. Something sparkled.) Just a suggestion.

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      1. It got shortened to fit word count. The original sentence was… As Sheata crossed the debris strewn lawn of the old school, her cloak snagged on a piece of rusted metal. Reaching down to unsnag her hem, she saw something sparkling in the dust. –


    1. I’ve seen stranger finds in rubble. My foster fam lost their house to a fire, in the room where the fire started in the chimney, not more than two feet from said chimney was a small wooden nightstand with an open bible on top. The legs of the table were charred to charcoal, but the top of the table and the bible remained completely untouched, not even smoke damages to the bible. Now, that’s Divine Intervention. The rest of the room was completely gutted.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve seen things like that happen so many times in my time working with pd/fd that it’s almost ‘normal’. Always give one pause to praise, though.


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