Dale Rogerson

C. Dale Rogerson

No one noticed it at first, the splitting of the eastern skies. No one noticed at first, the sudden disappearance of millions from their work, their home, their life on earth. No one, that is, except the cameras on every corner, the guards at every avenue. Escape from the ghettos and evil regimes of the world seemed impossible; and it was for too many. But for the few, the chosen ones, nothing was impossible as the eastern skies split and light flooded into the darkness of the world.

When it was noticed, they looked up…

What happened? They asked.

Wc: 99


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45 thoughts on “Split

  1. Well done, Jellico. I haven’t thought about the rapture for a very long time. It’s not something I hear a lot about in Churches here in Australia. However, when I was living in Germany and attended an American Baptist Church and that was the firstv time I’d heard of the rapture. I guess we call it hte second coming here but I haven’t heard of that for awhile either. I wonder if we’re all just focused on getting through the day.
    xx Rowena

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  2. Indeed, the thief that comes in the night. Be prepared, as the Brownies would say. I’m very uncomfortable with religions that preach about the rapture in a fire and brimstone way, and particularly ones that make money out of poor people by trading upon their fear. It’s akin to taking indulgences. I would like to think that the humans chosen in your story are the best and most deserving, irrespective of their religious faith, or lack of it.
    This is a thought-provoking story, Jellico. I’m now looking at the sky most uneasily, being a far from perfect person D:

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  3. I hope that isn’t happening soon. I tend to think the Bible has been misinterpreted by some. There are varying ideas and everybody can’t be right. I’ll go with the scholars. I’d guess some people who reach heaven will be surprised with who made it. Good writing, Jellico. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  4. Loved this! Sounds similar to a book by HG Wells I think, science fiction, but seems based on religious stories. The Children was the title I think, but darn it, just can’t remember. But in the end the children were beamed up and saved while the rest of humanity perished with earth forever.

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      1. Youre welcome! I don’t mean to imply your story isn’t original by the way. Not in the least. Just the image of people being taken to the heavens reminded me of HG Wells. He had a few religious based Sci FI stuff.

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