In the Palms…

The inner dome of the habitation represented different major cities from Terra Firma. My favorite was that of Palm Island of Dubai. Each frond was a community and each community had it’s own specialty. I liked the third frond on the east side. It was the Arts community. I loved strolling down the boulevard and visiting the little art shops. I sold my own art there, too.

The art dealer was a grizzled old man, one of the original colonists who set out from Terra. He had a keen eye for the esoteric and abstract. I never understood why he paid such particular attention to my average landscapes and city scenes drawn from picture files in the archives. One day, I dared to ask.

‘Your work reminds me of home.’ He muttered, a tear hanging on the end of his eyelashes.


Thank you once again goes to What Pegman Saw for taking us to a new place we’ve never been, the  Burj Khalifa in Dubai. If you’ve enjoyed this little story, then please, come out and enjoy some others at: . Just follow the prompt tag to the little blue frog… your adventure awaits.

Authors Note: As I went out and looked for pics of Dubai, the one of the man-made islands of which this Palm Island was considered one, caught my eye. I wasn’t too impressed by the tall buildings and spires, but the shape of this island caught me and made me think of Dyson’s Spheres and such.


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