Mercy Ferry

Ted Strutz

C. Ted Strutz

Authors Note: Due to a particular turn of words, it’s necessary to redact a sentence. Suffice it to say it was not in the best interest of life in our times. So, forgive the redaction.

White knuckles on wheel, river of sweat down spine; aching clutch of lungs, and she wasn’t even on the ferry, yet. Soon the gently rock from side to side would bring nausea, too. She hated the ferry, but it was a necessity.

At least, this would be the last time, she thought as tears blurred her vision. It was her turn… dead center, surrounded. Perfect. [REDACTED]… Calmly walking to the back gate, mentally calculating the time. She jumped.

Behind her, the ferry exploded.

The next day, hundreds of miles away, Mercy began a new life.

WC: 100 Exactly! 🙂

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I was listening to this song when I opened inet this morning… It set a dismal mood, but I wanted to pump it up. So “Mercy” found a way to escape… feel free to decide for yourself why she felt the need to do what she did in order to escape. I’m sure your minds can do that. 🙂 Enjoy… I hear the next ferry is about to board….


43 thoughts on “Mercy Ferry

    1. Have no idea where that plotline came from. Really wasn’t having an ‘all there’ day yesterday. Bad brain day. So bad, when I got hubby home I went straight to bed.


    1. Now that my brain is clearer this morning and reading, I can see terrorism, too. I also see a woman who would do anything just to escape the situation she’s in. Which would have fit with the way my head was aching yesterday.


  1. Knocked me for a loop on that ending. I wonder if she swam the 500 miles? Doesn’t matter, she made it anyway (“take one step, come up for air, take another step, come up for air …”).

    Fun story, Jell! I really liked it.

    I have the album of Gerry and the Pacemakers’ Greatest Hits on vinyl. The record is probably 50 years old. Got it in college thirty years ago.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Would you believe that here in the greater KC area, I walked into Barnes and Noble in Overland Park, KS., the music section — they have ALL VINYL! Really. WHOA!


      2. Your B&N actually has vinyl…. I’ve heard of such grand places and have dreamed of floating among their stacks. Alas and anon, I’m stuck with a simple store with a lot of magazines, a decent bargain section, and a few overstuffed chairs in the back near the children’s section that have sleep monsters in them. In fact, I don’t even think they have audio books in-store. Not arguing, it’s the only bookstore within walking distance. The next is 30 miles away.

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    1. It seemed a fitting name to assume. That way, she’d never forget the day she escaped whatever it was that drove her to the ferry to begin with. Not sure myself, maybe it was yesterday’s killer head aching.

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      1. Hey, if it works…. I’ve seen situations where even that didn’t protect a person. But, yeah, I agree, a bit on the overkill side…isn’t that what fiction is fun for, though.

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  2. She must have been pretty desperate to get away. Seems like there’d be better ways of escaping than blowing up a ferry, but who am I to judge. A lot of my characters have a psychopathic streak. I’m not sure what that says about me.

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    1. Just aged yourself, dude! hehe! Thanks for the great pic this week. Took me a minute to figure out what it was, though. Never been on a large ferry, only a raft-type ferry over the Ohio back in the 70’s-80’s.


  3. I’ve always loved that song — so peaceful, soothing — all those friendly people.
    So the opposite of your gal’s intention. I wonder how your mind brought the two together? We must be hearing way too much about bombings these days.

    Hope your migraine has disappeared for awhile. I know how all the brain circuits sizzle when a headache is raging

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t know myself where it came from, maybe it is an offshoot of the world news combined with life stresses added to migraine. At least headache is gone and car in shop this morning.


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