Staple of Humanity


C. Claire Sheldon

She stared at the cup of staples, contemplating. What does one do with such a collection, anyway? Then like a mad dervish, she poured them out on her desk, grabbed the glue and began to form…well, something.

Slowly, staple by staple the statuette grew. Long strands became misshapen legs. Short strands awkwardly posed arms. A massively tangled ball became the torso, topped with a smaller one for the head.

In the end she sat back with a smile. “Waste not, want not” her lifelong mantra became a representation of humanity. Tangled, full of sharp points, and messy.


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33 thoughts on “Staple of Humanity

    1. I do the same thing with my kneaded erasers. hehe. The cup reminded me of those magnet shape sets you can get. The ones with the little tiny squares/diamonds, that you can pull up and shape any ol’ way.


  1. Is your story an allegory of the writer’s urge to create, I wonder? We collect all these little, sharp details, and glue them together with plot until we have some sort of humanity on the page. It’s a good story, because it could mean many things…

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    1. I hadn’t thought of it in that light; but, it could very well be. I was thinking of those little shape magnet things where you can pull the shapes up to make things. If it turned out an allegory, all the more for it. 🙂 Thanks!

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  2. Love what you did here! I could imagine it coming to life! (No, not monster like, an artful piece)
    I, too, loved the “Tangled, full of sharp points, and messy.”


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