Old Batty

Authors Note: Thank you, Rochelle, for your car memory that inspired this glimpse into the past. 🙂 The car in question was named “Old Batty”.

Kent Bonham

C. Ken Bonham

My first car, an old police cruiser. Had a heck of a passing gear. Chuckles. Cost me $500, paid through sweat work at the police department. It was grey, and smelled funny.

On my first trip to the mall, I discovered the “interceptor” quite by accident. Got busted by highway patrol. Officer laughed at my fear as I said I didn’t understand what had just happened. 35Mph to 110mph in a matter of seconds. He graciously explained how “not” to engage the gear, and followed me to the nearest gas station. My tank went from full to empty as well.

WC: 100

Don’t have a pic of the actual car, but this could be a dead-ringer for Old Batty… The remains of the police decal remained with the car until the day it died.



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41 thoughts on “Old Batty

    1. Actually, it was perhaps the best car I’ve ever owned. Very little repair… that is until the day I pulled into the Fire Department for a call and the transmission died. put it in park, and she stayed there forever. We bashed it up and used it for extrication practice. LOL!

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    1. Didn’t have cell phone or landline when I started driving. Didn’t get a landline until I was engaged. Didn’t get a cell until about 3 yrs ago, and only in winter for the car. I just don’t do phones well.


      1. 4 door, as I recall. It had a note taped to the steering wheel that said “not to exceed 45 mph”. I don’t think it ever even saw 45 when I drove it. On the other hand, the engine cleaned itself. HEhe!


  1. Dear Jelli,

    My little story seems to have inspired a few “first car” stories. My most memorable one was my Ford Escort 1985 station wagon. It was the embodiment of the acronym Fix Or Repair Daily. I used to say the best way to fix it was a hammer…three swings for $1.00.

    I think you take the prize for the most interesting first car this week. Good one.



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  2. That was indeed fun, Jelli! I can’t believe you don’t have a picture of your first car!
    I actually learned to drive on my mother’s Grand Prix ’73. That baby had a 455 engine and I found out it had a kickdown at 100 mph… What the hell were my parents thinking in letting a 16-yr old drive that thing? I was THE chick in town for a while… 😉

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    1. That was a good twenty or more years ago. Times were different, and I volunteered with them so that helped. It kept it in the “family” so to say.


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