J Hardy Carroll

C. J. Hardy Carroll

She lifted the receiver and made the final call. It was an emotional moment, after all, the old Ford had served as her home several times over the decade she’d owned it. It was her “safe” zone where she could curl up in the seat, all doors locked, and feel totally at ease. It was the only thing of value she had left. Gulping, she dialed the tow company…

‘Yes, Ma’am, sixteen minutes.’

She hung up, walked across the parking lot and patted the old, spray-painted hood. ‘Well, Betty-Boop, it’s time so say goodbye.’ Sniffing, she wiped away a tear.

Wc:100 words exactly.

Thank you to our lovely hostess Friday Fictioneers,, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Thank you, J. Hardy Carroll for our photo this week. You can find us all at: https://rochellewisoff.com/?wref=b

Author’s Note: So many of you know that I’ve been virtually without my car since April 25. In that time, I’ve walked 698 miles, and have lost so much weight I’ve gone from XXX pants down to a Large… a good thing, but I could think of a million better ways to do it. In that time I’ve been actively seeking both employment and an affordable used car both to no avail. Family decided that we had to have a car and so bought me a “new” used Chevrolet Cruze. It’s got so many safety features and warranties that I’m still blown away by it all. I named her “Spark” for her fire engine red color. Let’s just say that Spark has Spunk!


My “New” car. Thank you, Tom Gill Chevrolet for getting me back into a Chevy!




25 thoughts on ““Spark”

    1. Thanks, and actually, yes, I will. When you’re walking the world is less hectic, or so it seems. You hear and see things you don’t in a car, too, like birds and laughter.

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      1. Don’t quit walking! You’re doing fabulously!
        I felt that way when my old car was towed away earlier this year… sniff, sniff…
        So back to the walking… keep it up and force yourself to only use the new car when you have to (says the one oft times should walk more…)

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      2. Oh, Dale, I’ve gone from a XXXL at the end of April to a size MED today. I decided while out at Walmart to try on a smaller size just for kicks. Even the med were just a bit loose, the right kind of loose, too. Now, to work on altering what I have down to fit me.

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  1. Lovely story,as always, Jelli. I know how hard it is to say goodbye to something we have spent a reasonable amount of time with. I felt a strange sense of attachment to a studio apartment where I had lived only for a month. I am sorry about the Ford.
    Congratulations on your new car.
    Best wishes on your journey. May it only get smoother, here on .

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  2. Dear Jelli,

    I felt the same way when I said goodbye to Consuelo, my Nissan. I loved that car but she just couldn’t go the distance any more. Love your red Cruz. Spark’s the perfect name. I have a dark gray 2011 Cruz. I’ve name her Rosey. Love Betty Boop, too. Oh…and your story. I agree there are better weight loss plans than the one you’ve ‘been on.’ All my best to you and Spark.



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    1. hheheheee. Good! I already know what my new tags will be as I’ll be getting my Call-sign. Can’t wait. But first…waiting for the title is driving me bonkers.


    1. Christine, for a time as recent as last fall my Home was my car…simple as that. not home away from home, literally HOME. It’s what happens when idiot apartment managers kick you out because your car is older than 2 years and no longer meets their “community standards”. It was a bad situation all around.


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