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It was the last stop. If they could not find food and water here, they would surely die.

Charles bent down next to the water and cupped his hand to his lips. The salt burned as much as the tears in his eyes. The water would have to be desalinated, but it was water.

Above him, on the bank, the others looked out to sea. The waters churned against the shore, bringing ashore the floatsam of their ship.

‘Fish!’ Charles called up to the others. ‘We can eat fish!’

And so, Hope was renewed. They could and would survive. It wouldn’t be easy, but they could do it.

WC: 108

Authors note: Charles is the person in the red shirt, below and to the right of the people standing on the rock. He’s hard to see.

Thank you once again goes to What Pegman Saw for taking us to a new place we’ve never been, this week to Cape Town, South Africa. If you’ve enjoyed this little story, then please, come out and enjoy some others at: https://whatpegmansaw.com/blog/ . Just follow the prompt tag to the little blue frog… your adventure awaits.



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