Grass Dance…


C. CEAyr

She paused beside the East gate to ensure all her ties were tight. Then, she smudged, yet again, before stepping into the circle. Without a word, she sidled down to where the women were lining the outer edge.

The drum smacked an attention beat.

Silence fell over all.

As the drum began it’s heartbeat rhythm, she step-swayed with her eyes closed.

‘It is like swaying grass.’ She heard her grandmother’s voice in her soul. She smiled, letting her body naturally move to the heartbeat of the drum.

Overhead, the Stonemen watched and guarded.

Wc: 93

For the unfamiliar…

Grass Dance = Traditionally the first dance done by the men in a sacred circle meant to knock down tall grass before the women dancers enter the circle. Seldom needed for this purpose in today’s day and age as most circles are mown.  In this case, though, I used the concept of the Women’s traditional dance. My Grandmother always said that it was to be danced such that any fringes would gently sway like ‘tall grass in a gentle breeze”.

Circle/ Sacred Circle = the dance arena at a powwow, in this case.

Stonemen = I know it’s a Canadian Native Custom/belief that the stones have souls. I used to know the story with it, but it has been lost over time.




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31 thoughts on “Grass Dance…

    1. Youtube offers up hundreds of Native American Powwow dance vids. You might even find one of the actual “grass dance”. It’s a man’s dance though. Shh, but I dance it in private a lot.

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  1. That’s a great imagery you have set with this one, Jelli. Very atmospheric with the rhythmic drums and swaying with eyes closed. Loved reading this and thanks for the explanation. Learnt something new.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I DO so love the dance…it’s more than a dance to me…It is a prayer straight from the depths of my soul. For when I asked God to allow me to walk again, he allowed me to DANCE!

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  2. This is beautifully told. I wonder if the legends about the rocks’ souls have anything in common with the scandiavian Huldurfolk @theretiredgentleman wrote about. Looking back far enough, we all have similar backgrounds, after all and I wonder how many legends are based in ancient tales.

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    1. Indeed, I do believe that I read somewhere in my Early Civilizations studies about similar tales and legends across many cultures… much like the commonplace ‘flood’ stories, or the varied ‘cosmogony’ legends (creation stories) that all bear in part so many of the same ideas/mores/etc. Lends a whole new understanding to the story of ‘Babel’s Tower’ where the people of the Earth were separated and spread out. What if these stories all began there and developed individually to suit each group of people sent out? I have heard of the Huldurfolk before. 🙂

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      1. Well, the migration waves of early people are partly known (new stuff being found constantly) and the people who were in the same area for some time may very well share similar creation- and other stories, early art, elements of culture. It’s a fascinating topic.

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