Drums of Tulum…


Photo from Google images…. Tulum, Mexico

The closer to the temple that she came, the louder the music of the drums seemed to her. She felt its thrumming in her ears and its energy surging through her muscles. It called her further and further up through its catacombs until she emerged onto the upper levels and stepped out into the afternoon sun. With a sigh of successful contentment, she raised her hands and spun around in triumph. She had done it. She had returned to the plateau of her childhood. She could now be one with the Starbrothers as it had always been destined to be.

Stephen paused at the cave’s entrance and watched her as she held her hands up to the sky and spun around in glee. He’d never seen her as happy as she was that very moment. He sensed her elation though he could not completely comprehend its reasoning.

‘I have come!’ She shouted to the sky in her native tongue, holding her arms outstretched above her head. ‘I am here!’


Author’s Note: I have very fond memories of visiting Tulum, and of meeting the local indigenous peoples of that region. I especially remember dancing prayers at the ruins and how it felt as if I could hear the beat of the ancient drums in my ears. This is a scene out of one my books that I wrote back at the time that I was there sometime in the early ’80’s.


“What Pegman Saw” is a grand writing adventure taken via Google maps. It is hosted each week at: https://whatpegmansaw.com/ . The goal is to write a 150 word or less story that corresponds with the location of the week, taken from either the street view, or google images. If you care to join us on the adventure, feel free to follow the link!


8 thoughts on “Drums of Tulum…

  1. Wow, powerful stuff Jelli! I wonder if Stephen realises he will lose her to her own people? What a bitter moment that would make it, to see the joy and elation and to realise that you were excluded.

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    • I wrote that and sent it home to Poppa Bear on a postcard. So very long ago. Just this past week, I received a cert. pack. from a lawyer (never something good in my experience). In it, I found a stack of cd’s, chips, postcards and letters… Poppa bear had kept everything that I’d ever written in some format or another. The fam thought I’d like to have it back.

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