Paradise Channel

Gwynden wales

Photo prompt from Google images: Gwynedd, Wales

The channel was not as narrow as it had been the last time I’d walked this rocky land. Still, I took extra care with each step. Shale was known for being very slippery even when it was dry and there had been a brief shower this morning already. But the trek would be worth it. At least, I hoped it would. Coughing as I struggled to breathe, I looked up at the sheer walls that stretched to the sky and smiled.

So much of the land above was destroyed by the war, but this… this one place… Oh, how I hoped it had been spared. As hidden as it was beneath the level of the landscape… maybe. Dare I to even hope? Geiger counter in hand, it was time to slip through the gap and see… Ah, just like I remembered…

Golwern Quarry wales

Photo prompt from Google images: Golwern Quarry, Wales

wc: 141

“What Pegman Saw” is a grand writing adventure taken via Google maps. It is hosted each week at: . The goal is to write a 150 word or less story that corresponds with the location of the week, taken from either the street view, or google images. If you care to join us on the adventure, feel free to follow the link!


14 thoughts on “Paradise Channel

    • I grew up a short walk from an old quarry. Used to swim there in the summers as they had a diving school there. The water was so black, dark and scary. they said it was coal that made it so. I can only imagine what it would be like if it were as clear as the pic suggests that this one is. Beautiful, indeedy!

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