Captured in the moment…

Just a little brainstorming, born out of procrastination. In reality, I should be cleaning house. Apartment temperature before 8am was in the upper 80’s. Have AC set to 80, just to keep it tolerable. So, I should be cleaning and instead, I’m sitting here doing a little writing to kill time.  Out of an hour’s brainstorming, I got one halfway decent paragraph… maybe the start to another in my Hope Ranch series? Not sure where it will lead if anywhere…but hey, I did delay the start of housecleaning by an hour and a half.


Photo prompt:

Where did she go from here? That was the question at the forefront of her mind. The war was over. She was  home. And, she was more lost and confused than she had ever been. Her confusion had nothing to do with the bandage that encircled her head, and everything to do with the man waiting for her as she stepped into the airport terminal from the plane.

wc: 68




4 thoughts on “Captured in the moment…

    • I did both today, but in small spells. Our Apartment faces the morning sun…something I love, by the way. But it does make mornings in the summer too hot.


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