She told me to…


PHOTO PROMPT © Connie Gayer

She told me to dig her a hole, so, I did. It’s five-foot-six feet by two-and-a-half feet wide… six foot deep. I don’t think she suspects, yet.

‘Rus, I told you… Call before you dig! Now look at this mess!’ She stood, hands on hips.

‘Nope, doesn’t suspect a thing.’ He mumbled with a smile.

wc: 55.


Author’s note: When I first saw this photo, I looked up and out the window to see surveyors marking the location of buried utility lines. The phrase “Call before you dig” popped into my head. I looked back down to the pic, and just had to use it. Giggles. Sorry for your soon-to-be “demise” Ms. Gayer… just kidding! Thanks for the pic this week! On a personal note, those who know me on Facebook… I suddenly can no longer access my page. I went in and left a link to my new fb page in a comment on the bottom of the storm warning. Go figure, it tanked at the same time the storm hit and took out the power grid….


This work of fiction is written for  Friday Fictioneer ‘s 100 word writing challenge hosted weekly by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-fields.  Come on out and join us at: Friday Fictioneer ‘s if you’re up to a good challenge, or even a really great read. These little stories are well worth your time! A Huge thank you goes to Connie Gayer for sharing this week’s photo prompt with us.We’d love to see you around the table.




16 thoughts on “She told me to…

  1. Doesn’t suspect a thing – hmmm, I would say with the dimensions of that hole she should be running as fast as she could… Of course we could be doing poor Russ wrong here, just assuming that he has murderous intent 😉

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