Sunlight, Stained Glass, and a Sinner Sanctified – COMPLETE!


photo: Google Images


Dear Ones,

I apologize for being so out of the loop lately. As many know, I’ve been slaving away at a book – Christian Fiction, and it’s been quite a journey with many rewrites, plot twistings, etc, etc…. today, I finally had a chance (during rain delay) to finish typing up the last chapter. The book in it’s entirety (13 serials) can be found on my  “sister” page. I just wanted to keep them all in the same place and it has worked beautifully for me that way. Anyhow… now that it’s complete, here’s the link to the last chapter and epilogue. To read the others just search the archives starting at the bottom.

It’s been a long journey with this book, but a great one, too! So, enjoy the read…




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