The leg in question


PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll


“The Leg in Question”

‘It makes a statement… I think.’ She spoke as she circled the prosthetic leg that stood on the sidewalk next to the busiest intersection in the city.

‘Yeah, but what?’ He shrugged.

‘That’s the question, now, isn’t it?’ She smiled as he stepped off the curb.


WC: 50, title included.

This work of fiction is written for  Friday Fictioneer ‘s 100 word writing challenge hosted weekly by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-fields.  Come on out and join us at: Friday Fictioneer ‘s if you’re up to a good challenge, or even a really great read. These little stories are well worth your time! A Huge thank you goes to  J Hardy Carroll for sharing this week’s photo prompt with us.We’d love to see you around the table.


28 thoughts on “The leg in question

    • I had a hard time thinking of a title. Well, in all honesty, I had a hard time coming up with something… I just kept looking at the pic and thinking it had to stand for something…

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    • I added that event as an afterthought, so glad it worked out okay. Rough write this week, all could think was that the leg had to stand for something… maybe it was a warning to watch your step..

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  1. Perhaps it does “stand” for something. Wouldnt that be an interesting form of public art/protest, for example, against not having accessible crosswalks, signals and timing, so that a disabled person can cross safely? Imagine the city littered with prostheses at dangerous intersections! I like it!

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