Widow Margie




‘Oh, man, lookit… Old Widow Margie has gone and tied one on again.’ Chief Stein said as he pulled the cruiser up in front of the house.

‘Isn’t she the lady who dressed like a corpse last year…scared those college girls spitless?’ Deputy Fine asked.

‘Yep.’ Stein shook his head. ‘Every year…sigh…’

‘Don’t see no harm.’ Fine shrugged.

‘Just watch…’

The girls giggled as they came around the house to view the cage. Inside, Widow Margie held a bag of candy. A sign said “Take One Piece ONLY…”. The girls reached in the cage…


The girls screamed. Margie cackled.

WC: 100 words exact.

Author’s Note: My self-proclaimed mother, the real Widow Margaret, was well known for her Halloween pranks on the college students in my home town. Oddly, I think they looked forward to seeing what new prank she’d come up with every year… a rite of passage for the poor unsuspecting Freshman, and a source of entertainment for everyone else. The police would sit a few houses down and watch, but I think they did more laughing… Hope you got a chuckle, too.

This work of fiction is written for  Friday Fictioneer ‘s 100 word writing challenge hosted weekly by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-fields.  Come on out and join us at: Friday Fictioneer ‘s if you’re up to a good challenge, or even a really great read. These little stories are well worth your time! A Huge thank you goes to Liz Young for sharing this week’s photo prompt with us.We’d love to see you around the table.


19 thoughts on “Widow Margie

  1. My favorite thing used to be, when my doorbell was rung, was to open the door, ask them “Trick, or Treat?” The kids would yell “TRICK” and I’d slam the door closed. One time I did it with a puppet. They loved it. (and yes, I did open the door again and give them candy)

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    • In my home town, my Mom’s set up was historic in proportions! She did up Halloween like most do Christmas…. She was a pagan,and this was her highest holiday. So very sad for that once I understood.


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