Castles in the Air…

Author’s Extra Note: Many have commented on the skulls. I got my inspiration many years ago when I came across a picture of this church in Poland called The Chapel of Skulls in Kaplica Czaszek, Poland. Just this morn, I came across a youtube video about it…


PHOTO PROMPT © Jilly Funell


Castles in the Air…

Takarna’s gaze lingered on the plaza below. Soon, she’d join the other Aki on the ship bound for Terra Firma.

Right now, she stood contemplating the past. Within the stone of the plaza the thousands of skulls she’d been forced to boil would forever glare up at the sky. The war was over. The faces remained forever sealed within the white sidewalks. She swallowed hard as the memories filled her eyes.

‘I promise, you will never have to see it again.’ Charles voice anchored her.

‘I will never forget.’ She whispered.

‘No, you won’t.’ He agreed. ‘None of us will.’


Author’s note: This morning, I was listening to Celtic Thunder’s rendition of “Castles in the Air” and it served as inspiration for this write though the story went a different direction.  7 days and counting down to move. I was up  to see the progress on the new apartment, and the new tub is in! 🙂 YEAH! Meanwhile my little Tripper is getting into everything and is a little thief, stealing socks and anything else he can get his wee paws on. 🙂 ❤  McDonalds, where I’ve been posting from for the last 10+ years has changed their internet provider. The new provider does not support “Firefox”, so I’m finding new access points.

This work of fiction is written for  Friday Fictioneer ‘s 100 word writing challenge hosted weekly by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-fields.  Come on out and join us at: Friday Fictioneer ‘s if you’re up to a good challenge, or even a really great read. These little stories are well worth your time! A Huge thank you goes to  Jilly Funell for sharing this week’s photo prompt with us.We’d love to see you around the table.


34 thoughts on “Castles in the Air…

    • Agreed… I ended the last novel with the ‘leader’ who began the genocide sitting in his cell, looking out on the plaza of skulls that he had built, and going mad as the skulls came to life in his mind…. seemed a fitting ending….


    • Indeed it is… as Hawkeye (from MASH 4077th tv series fame) says something akin to: “There is war and there is hell, and of the two, war is worse” I keep this in mind when I’m writing war-ish things to keep it “real”.

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  1. I agree we should never forget the “evil that men (and women) do”. However uncomfortable. It must be acknowledged and taught to future generations so that the outcomes are understood. Understanding the present means understanding the past.

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    • Yes, it does. Hopefully, as the Aki settle on the “new” Terra Firma (Earth), they will keep the lessons learned and begin their new society with a better understanding and love for peace.


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