Nano Launch…

Charles Day Palmer

C. Charles Day Palmer, Germany 1940’s.

Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) launched at midnight Greenwich time last night (8pm local) for me. So far, what you see here is what I’ve written. Not a good start to the month I have to admit. No clue where to go, no characters really well planned… but, as I was scanning back through my pics here looking for some inspiration, I came upon this one.  Pretty much, it gives an impression on what the Aki are facing on their homeworld after the great wars. And so, by popular vote, they’ve decided that it’s time to get the H* out of dodge, so to speak. Soooo, maybe that’s where I’ll start and see where it leads. I’ll be doing Nano unofficially this year.

Terra Firma is calling me home…that, and laundry… and to finish unpacking.   Fellow Nano’s, I wish for you a ton of words and ideas in the following 30 days… may the sentences come easy, and the paragraphs filled! Good Luck! Break some lead/keyboard!



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