Week 1 – Nano


I got a late start to Nano this year… just couldn’t seem to find a start point. Then I made a decision not to start with a blank page, but to begin to put together all the little pieces and parts I’ve been ‘playing’ with for the last month or so, and see where that would lead me. A lot of it came out of Friday Fictioneer’s ( found at: https://rochellewisoff.com/) writes, so kudos to the lovely Rochelle and fellow authors for your inspirations and encouragements!

So, after the rough start, where has the week gone? Well, my current fresh write count (writing above and beyond my scalped pieces) is now at 36,527 words… at this rate, I’ll have my goal met by the end of the week if the muse continues. I am still a bit intimidated by my own word counts in the past. Last year’s final word count that was 185,967 words, and the year before that was 350, 986 words. I think I’ve over achieved! haha! It’s all okay in the end… My terabyte drive is slowly filling. My posterity, if they chose to publish, will no doubt make a themselves a fortune off of the writings.

Off I go, more worlds to explore – uh, destroy. I have characters who’ve lived their whole lives in war, who are now finding that living peacefully is downright hard to do. Terra Firma isn’t the same planet it was before the nukes destroyed it, after all.


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