New Computer headache!


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I finally had to do it… I bought a new laptop. It’s a purple monster! HP stream, actually.  Anyway, I bought it, went to library to get it set up, and then began the headache. The set up wouldn’t accept my gmail… no biggy, let it set up an outlook mail that will never be used… Then, I tried to open the “free” office 365…only, it’s not free…they want $69.99 a year for the privilege of using it. That sucks! Can’t afford it. Then, tried to download google chrome web browser…RED flag… you can only use this ‘edge’ thing, or buy something from the MS Store… can’t afford that, either. Tried to open my gmail through the ‘edge’… ach, look at that why dontcha, it won’t let me use my own email. Demands that I use it’s outlook account. Well, to hell with that! When you can barely manage getting the computer in the first place, you can’t afford a million bells and whistles.

I’m to the point of repacking it and returning it! Grrrr… This is why I HATE Microsoft and it’s conglomerate of insanity. So, less than an hour later…

“Hubby, you have my personal permission to destroy my operating system! And, PLEAAASSSEEE, will you put on linux, and libre office…. pretty please?” I pleaded across the table at the library.

‘Yes, Dear, whatever you want, Dear.’ He responds with a smile.

So, hopefully by late this afternoon, or in the morning, I’ll be up and running again. I don’t mind using the library’s computers, but there’s something to be said for using your own… especially when you have a tendency to forget the flashdrive you’ve plugged into said library computer which results in the loss of everything you have on it. UGH!

Okay, done ranting…. back to Nano…. by the way, my word count is now at 79K! And, I’m still writing! yeah!







2 thoughts on “New Computer headache!

    • I’m quickly approaching 100K… that looks like it might be my ultimate this year. Not an impressive year for me. I did a lot of “bridging” between scenes and backstory this year. Just told myself that I’ve got a file full of scenes and it was time to compile them all into something coherent.


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